Membership Information

BCGF has a capped number of members. When there are openings in the membership, applications are accepted in June.

Candidates must be sponsored by a current member in good standing with the club in their third year of membership. If you are not sure if you know a member the best way to meet club members is to attend one of the clubs public events, listed on the clubs calendar.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a member of the National Rifle Association and have a clear Maryland Judiciary record. The cost of membership is $355 the first year and $155 each following year.

Your sponsor is totally responsible for your first two years during which you are a trail member. During that period anything you need to know about the club your first contact is your sponsor. It is an important responsibility to be a sponsor and the club holds them accountable for your actions at the club.

Along with annual dues, you must complete at least 5 hours of work obligations every year of membership. Additionally, within your first two years of membership you are required to work two (2) club sponsored events, i.e. 8 hours each event.

A sponsor will know if there will be opening in any given year in May of that year. Membership openings are not advertised. Your sponsor will inform you of any opening in membership and applications will be accepted the first Wednesday in June.

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