About Us

In 1936, a group of prominent Baltimore County sportsmen concerned about conservation of wildlife and natural habitats formed the Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association. Membership required a love and understanding of the great outdoors and a desire to improve wildlife preservation through education, conservation, and support of related legislation. Since then, the association has gone on to provide a valuable and needed community resource to sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike.


The BCGF property is actively managed for the conservation of local wildlife. It remains a natural oasis in an area of surrounding housing developments. The BCGF pond holds a number of native fish species and is also stocked yearly. Many types of woodland wildlife may be observed, including whitetail deer, red fox, and many smaller species of mammals and birds.

Community / Social Events

BCGF is a hub of social events throughout the year including a Crab Feast, Bull Roast, Christmas Party Flea Market, and a Fish Rodeo for the neighborhood kids. They are also the meeting location for a Boy Scout Troup and annually host a Summer Day Camp.

Shooting Facilities / Competition

The BCGF property contains both a Trap Range and Rifle/Pistol Range that are available for use by its members and at times the public. Various competitions are conducted each year and a number of rifle and trap leagues are hosted. Hunter sight-ins are open to the public each fall to help non-members prepare for upcoming hunting seasons.

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