2016 11 GM Nov 2

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  1. How can I get an accounting from the Club on the work hours? The website shows 7.00+ hrs. It show I works 15 mins at a crab feast? We’ve had this discussion and I am really sick of it. It shows only hrs in 2016? I know for a fact the badge scanner was NOT working on 2 occasions (sundays) that I worked abt 4 hrs each on range committee for Jay Heydt? I know you must be burdened; but maybe you should give it up if you cannot keep accurate records that members count on.

    1. Joe, Hello, due to the request from one member that the site was not secure and personal information was leaked to the outside world and causing undue internet traffic to his email account, the only approach at this time is to lock the site down and only allow the download method of viewing member and club information. Once the web site is secure and redesigned, possibly leniency to some documents may become visible on the site. Also other methods of displaying information particular to each member is under consideration at the present time.

      1. Charly….my stupidity and error….I apologize…I was able to figure out the work hours from my records and what is posted on the member login. I am sorry for being too quick to judge.

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